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Projects in Bidding

Project ID Project No. Description Construction Location Bid Date
J7318-2020 SAP 159-201-007 J7318 Reconstruction of Broadway AVE N from Civic...   Bidding Closed

Projects in Construction

Project ID Project No. Description Construction Location Bid Date
100-2020 100-Aggr Aggregate Season Supply 2020   02/25/2020
101-2020 101-Bit Bituminous Season Supply 2020   02/25/2020
102-2020 102-Conc Concrete Season Supply 2020   02/25/2020
103-2020 103-Emul Emulsion Season Supply 2020   02/25/2020
J1031-2018 J1031-2018 J1031 Demolition of Buildings and Restoration (Various...   04/03/2018
J10311-2019 J10311-2019 J10311 Demolition of Buildings and Restoration (1400...   02/26/2019
J114-2018 114-Chip J114 2018 Chip Seal Street Rehabilitation   03/06/2018
J114-2019 114-Chip J114 2019 Chip Seal Street Rehabilitation   03/19/2019
J114-2020 114-Chip J114 2020 Chip Seal Street Rehabilitation   03/17/2020
J115-2018 115-OverLay J115 2018 HMA Overlay Street Rehabilitation   03/06/2018
J115-2019 115-OverLay J115 2019 HMA Overlay Street Rehabilitation   03/19/2019
J115-2020 115-OverLay J115 2020 HMA Overlay Street Rehabilitation   03/17/2020
J2112-2019 J2112-2019 J2112 Rochester Public Transit Bus Garage Expansion...   02/19/2019
J21121-2020 J21121-2020 J21121 Rochester Transit Expansion Phase 6...   02/25/2020
J2578-2018 J2578-2018 J2578 Civic Center and J2583 Third Street Parking Ramp...   08/28/2018
J2578-2018-02 J2578-2018-02 J2578-2018-02 Civic Center Ramp IP Camera Retrofit   10/09/2018
J2580-2019-01 J2580-2019-01 J2580 First Street Parking Ramp Restoration 2019   07/09/2019
J2580-2019-02 J2580-2019-02 J2580 First Street Parking Ramp LED Lighting Retrofit   07/09/2019
J2580-2019-03 J2580-2019-03 J2580 First Street Parking Ramp IP Camera Retrofit   07/09/2019
J2583-2018 J2583-2018 J2583 Third Street LED Lighting Retrofit 2018 and...   10/23/2018
J2594-2019 J2594-2019 J2594 2019 Restoration of the Second Street Parking...   07/09/2019
J2594-2020 J2594-2020 J2594 2020 Restoration of the Second Street Parking...   06/23/2020
J2878-2019 J2878-2019 J2878 Soldiers Field Park Improvements   07/23/2019
J28781-2019 J28781-2019 J28781 Soldiers Field Park Track   10/23/2019
J2905-2019 J2905-2019 J2905 Kutzky Park Tennis Courts   04/16/2019
J2913-2019 J2913-2019 J2913 Rehabilitation of Quarry Hill Nature Center...   06/25/2019
J2959-2020 J2959-2020 J2959 Sanitary Sewer and Watermain Extension to Serve...   03/27/2020
J2981-2017 2981 J2981 Cascade Lake Park Improvements   11/14/2017
J2981-2018 02 J2981-2018 02 J2981 Cascade Lake Park Improvements Amenity...   10/15/2018
J29811-2018 J29811-2018 J29811 Cascade Lake Park 2018 Amenity Improvements   09/05/2018
J3012-2019 J3012-2019 J3012 Silver Lake Park Restroom Improvements   04/25/2019
J3027-2020 J3027-2020 J3027 Drinking Fountain for East Park Development (MLK...   06/09/2020
J3053-2020 J3053-2020 J3053 Gamehaven Park Improvements   07/02/2020
J4334-2015 M15-02 J4334 2015 Sanitary Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation at...   03/08/2016
J4341-2017 J4341-2017 J4341 2017 Sanitary Sewer Lining at Various Locations   04/10/2018
J4342-2017 J4342-2017 J4342 2017 Sanitary Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation at...   04/10/2018
J4344-2019 J4344-2019 J4344 2019 Sanitary Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation at...   08/26/2019
J4345-2019 J4345-2019 J4345 2019 Sanitary Sewer Pipe Lining Rehabilitation...   08/26/2019
J4408-2018 J4408-2018 J4408 Arbor Drive Sanitary Sewer Improvements   05/01/2018
J4651-2014 SP 159-090-018 SP 159-090-018 (J4651) Construct Trail along East...   10/15/2014
J4653-2015 SP 159-090-019 SP 159-090-019 Construct Trail along South Broadway... South Broadway  08/26/2015
J4670-2018 SP 159-010-011 J4670 Construct Multi Use Path along North Frontage...   09/11/2018
J4684-2016 SP 159-090-021 SP 159-090-021 (J4684) Construct Multi Use Path at...   07/26/2016
J4688-2016 J4688-2016 J4688 2016 Sidewalk Replacement and Repair   04/12/2016
J4691-2018 SAP 159-147-002 SAP 159-147-002 Rehabilitation of 48 St NW from 31 Ave...   07/17/2018
J4694-2018 J4694-2018 J4694 Construct Multi Use Path along East Side of West...   07/24/2018
J4699-2017 J4699 J4699 2017 Sidewalk Replacement and Repair North   04/04/2017
J4700-2019 J4700-2019 J4700 Sidewalk on south side of HWY 14 SE from Marion...   06/11/2019
J4703-2018 J4703-2018 J4703 2018 Sidewalk Replacement and Repair   04/10/2018
J4707-2018 J4707-2018 J4707 2018 Pedestrian Ramps in Various Locations   04/10/2018
J4709-2019 J4709-2019 J4709 2019 Sidewalk Replacement and Repair   06/09/2020
J4710-2019 J4710-2019 J4710 2019 Pedestrian Ramps in Various Locations   07/30/2019
J4711-2020 J4711-2020 J4711 2020 Pedestrian Ramps in Various Locations   06/09/2020
J4857-2018 J4857-2018 J4857 Overlay South Zumbro River Trail from TH 52 to...   08/14/2018
J4869-2018 J4869-2018 J4869 Gamehaven Wetland Bank Project   09/24/2018
J4869-2019 J4869-2019 J48691 Gamehaven Wetland Bank Project   03/11/2019
J4895-2018 J4895-2018 J4895-2018 Silver Lake Dredge Phase I   09/10/2018
J6047-2018 SAP 159-201-006 J6047 Traffic Signal Replacement at Broadway Ave N and...   07/24/2018
J6054-2018 J6054-2018 J6054 Revise Signal at Broadway and Center Street   08/28/2018
J6059-2019 J6059-2019 J6059 Construct Signal at W Circle Dr (CSAH 22) and 26...   02/19/2019
J6329-2018 SAP 159-147-003 J6329 Revise Signal at 41 St NW and 31 Ave NW   07/24/2018
J6374-2018 J6374-2018 J6374 2018 Durable Pavement Markings   07/09/2018
J6374-2019 J6374-2019 J6374 2019 Durable Pavement Markings   05/07/2019
J6374-2020 J6374-2020 J6374 2020 Durable Pavement Markings   06/09/2020
J6515-2013 2010-012 J6515 Pond Rehabilitation for Hart Farms Pond #24   05/29/2013
J6577-2015 SWM-6-07 J6577 Baihley Woods Ravine Stabilization Project   09/16/2015
J6606-2013 2010-027 J6606 Teton Court Ponds #18 and #32 Rehabilitation   11/26/2013
J6620-2015 SWM-8-11 J6620 Pond Rehabilitation for Willow Hills 2nd Pond #8   07/15/2015
J6630-2015 6630 J6630 Reconstruct Outfall to Zumbro River from East...   06/28/2016
J6660-2017 J6660,73,84,89 J6660,73,84,89 Storm Sewer Replacement 2017   02/28/2017
J6662-2020 J6662-2020 J6662 Stabilization of Pond 4 Baihly Woodlands 8th   06/23/2020
J6666-2018 J6666-2018 J6666 319 Grant for Zumbro River Ultra Urban BMPs   04/10/2018
J6679-2016 SWM-13-15 J6679 Storm Sewer Improvements along South Broadway at...   06/28/2016
J6688-2016 M2-16-1A-16 J6688 Storm Sewer Modifications in Hundred Acre Woods...   03/22/2016
J6695-2019 J6695-2019 J6695 Storm Sewer Pipe Extension for Century Hills 8th... J6695 Storm Sewer Pipe Extension...  06/25/2019
J6701-2020 J6701-2020 J6701 Stabilization of Pond 31 Baihly Woodlands 8th   06/23/2020
J6703-2019 J6703-2019 J6703 Storm Sewer Replacement at Manor Woods Ln NW   07/16/2019
J6706-2020 J6706-2020 J6706 Hillcrest Folwell Drainage Improvements   08/11/2020
J6707-2019 J6707-2019 J6707 2019 Storm Sewer Repairs at Various Locations...   06/11/2019
J6708-2020 J6708-2020 J6708 Storm and Sanitary Sewer Improvements 1100 Block...   07/14/2020
J6716-2019 J6716-2019 J6716 Stream Channel Repairs at Various Locations   12/30/2019
J6868-2020 J6868-2020 J6868 Rochester International Airport Runway 2/20...   05/22/2020
J7212-2013 SP 550-117-001 J7212 Construct 65th Street NW Interchange including...   04/30/2013
J7261-2016 M7-33 J7261 Rehabilitation of Riverview Heights Drive NE...   07/12/2016
J7275-2012 6318-4-11 J7275 Reconstruct 18th Ave NW from 35th St NW to 33rd...   08/29/2012
J7275-2014 6318-4-11 J7275 18th Ave NW Storm Sewer Improvements Phase 2   07/16/2014
J7295-2016 SAP 159-119-017 SAP 159-119-017 (J7295) Concrete Pavement...   11/15/2016
J7299-2015 9110-3-14 J7299 Rehabilitation of Ponderosa Dr SW from 18th Ave...   07/29/2015
J7303-2016 SAP 159-107-017 SAP 159-107-017 (J7303) Concrete Pavement...   09/13/2016
J7306-2016 SAP 159-125-005 SAP 159-125-005 (J7306) Concrete Pavement...   10/25/2016
J7307-2016 6303-2-15 J7307 Construct South Broadway / 3rd Ave SE...   07/12/2016
J7308-2016 SAP 159-126-016 SAP 159-126-016 (J7308) Rehabilitation of 41st St NW...   08/09/2016
J7309-2017 J7309 J7309 Rehabilitation of 25 St SE from South Broadway...   08/01/2017
J7314-2017 J7314-2017 J7314 Reconstruction of 3 ST SW from 18 AVE SW to HWY...   05/23/2017
J7316-2018 SAP 159-125-006 SAP 159-125-006 J7316 Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation...   04/03/2018
J7317-2019 J7317-2019 J7317 Reconstruction of 9 AVE SW from 7 ST SW to 6 ST...   08/13/2019
J7319-2019 SAP 159-105-014 J7319 6 and 7 Ave Area Utility Improvements   04/30/2019
J7321-2017 SAP 159-113-018 SAP 159-113-018 (J7321) Rehabilitation of Assisi DR NW...   06/06/2017
J7322-2017 SAP 159-130-008 SAP 159-130-008 (J7322) Rehabilitation of E Frontage...   06/06/2017
J7323-2017 J7323-2017 J7323 Rehabilitation of Harbor DR SE from Rose DR SE...   08/01/2017
J7326-2018 SAP 159-119-018 SAP 159-119-018 Reconstruction of 4 St SW from 1 Ave... Reconstruction of 4 St SW from 1...  05/22/2018
J73261-2019 J73261-2019 J73261 Storm Sewer Improvements along 5 Ave SW from 4...   09/24/2019
J7327-2018 SAP 159-102-007 SAP 159-102-007 Rehabilitation of 14 St NE from...   06/05/2018
J7328-2018 SAP 159-122-009 SAP 159-122-009 Rehabilitation of 19 St NW from Scott...   06/07/2018
J7329-2018 SAP 159-115-006 SAP 159-115-006 Rehabilitation of 6 St SW from East...   06/12/2018
J7330-2018 SAP 159-112-010 Rehabilitation of 16 AVE SW and 16 AVE NW from 2 ST SW...   07/24/2018
J7334-2019 SAP 159-210-001 J7334 Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation 16 St SW from...   06/11/2019
J7339-2020 J7339-2020 J7339 Rehabilitation of Northern Hills Dr NE from...   03/17/2020
J7340-2020 J7340-2020 J7340 Rehabilitation of Towne Club Pkwy SE from Hwy 14...   03/17/2020
J7727-2013 SAP 159-126-015 SAP 159-126-015 (J7727) Badger Hills Drive NW from...   06/26/2013
J7787-2015 J7787-2015 J7787 10th St SE Sanitary Sewer Relief Line Project   06/09/2015
J7805-2014 M13-43 J7805 Public Improvements to Serve Fire Station #2   05/28/2014
J7808-2015 M-35 J7808 Sewer Extension from Insitute Hills to...   08/12/2015
J7810-2014 M14-09 J7810 2014 Sanitary Sewer & Watermain to Serve Oakledge   08/27/2014
J7813-2017 SP 159-080-017 SP 159-080-017 Reconstruct 18 Ave NW (CR 112) from 37... Reconstruct 18 Ave NW (CR 112)...  08/08/2017
J7814-2017 M14-30 J7814 Construct Wheelock Dr NE from Fire Station So...   02/14/2017
J7816-2018 J7816-2018 J7816 Emerald Hills Trunk Sanitary Sewer   05/01/2018
J78161-2020 J78161-2020 J78161 Emerald Hills Drainage Improvements   07/28/2020
J7817-2017 J7817-2017 J7817 Traffic Signal along Viola Road (CSAH 2) at...   07/25/2017
J7818-2016 J7818-2016 J7818 2016 Sanitary Sewer Repairs Various Locations   05/26/2016
J7821-2015 M014-M15-34 J7821 Sanitary Capacity Improvements to the Homestead...   09/30/2015
J78251 J78251 J78251 Phase 1 San Sewer Relief Line included in the...   03/23/2017
J78252-2019 J78252-2019 J78252 Phase 2 San Sewer Relief Line Govt Center...   02/21/2019
J7830-2020 J7830-2020 J7830 1 ST NW Sanitary Sewer Diversion from 1 AVE NW...   05/05/2020
J7836-2020 J7836-2020 J7836 2020 Large Diameter Trunkline Inspection - Phase...   06/30/2020
J7908-2017 J7908-2017 J7908 Civic Center Dr NW Bridge Piling Evaluation...   08/29/2017
J7913-2019 SAP 159-104-016 J7913 7 St NE (89188) Bridge Rehabilitation   03/21/2019
J7916-2019 SAP 159-080-018 J7916 Replace 15 AVE NW Bridge between 33 ST NW and 34...   04/23/2019
J8611-2018-02 J8611-2018-02 J8611 Cascade Creek Slope Stabilization and...   11/13/2018
J8624-2018 J8624-2018 J8624 Rochester Chateau Theatre Interim Use   08/08/2018
J8624-2018-02 J8624-2018-02 J8624 02 Rochester Chateau Theatre Interim Use   10/31/2018
J8903-2020 3 SAP 159-108-007 SAP 159-108-007 (J8903) Bike Lane Project 3 Ave SW...   02/25/2020
J8903-2020 4 SAP 159-107-018 SAP 159-107-018 (J8903) Bike Lane Project 4 Ave SW...   02/25/2020
J8903-2020 C SAP 159-105-015 SAP 159-105-015 (J8903) Bike Lane Project Center... Bike Lane Project Center Street...  02/25/2020
J9644-2015 SP 159-158-002 SP 159-158-002 and 159-158-003 (J9644) Reconstruct...   04/21/2016

Planning Projects

These projects are not yet open for bid and are subject to change
Project ID Project No. Description Construction Location Anticipated Bid Date
100-2021 (subject to change) 100-2021 (subject to change) Aggregate Season Supply 2021    
101-2021 (subject to change) 101-2021 (subject to change) Bituminous Season Supply 2021    
102-2021 (subject to change) 102-2021 (subject to change) Concrete Season Supply 2021    
103-2021 (subject to change) 103-2021 (subject to change) Emulsion Season Supply 2021    
J114-2021 (subject to change) J114-2021 (subject to change) J114 2021 Chip Seal Street Rehabilitation    
J115-2021 (subject to change) J115-2021 (subject to change) J115 2021 Overlay Street Rehabilitation    
J4678-2019 (subject to change) SP 159-090-020 (subject to change) J4678 Multi Use Path from Towne Club Parkway SE to 19...    
J4692-2022 (subject to change) SP 159-090-023 (subject to change) SP 159-090-023 (J4692) Construct Multi Use Path along...    
J4706-2019 (subject to change) J4706-2019 (subject to change) J4706 Construct Sidewalk along 35 St SE and Woodlake...    
J4713-2021 (subject to change) J4713-2021 (subject to change) J4713 2021 Sidewalk Replacement and Repair    
J4882-2019 (subject to change) J4882-2019 (subject to change) J4882 2019 Flood Control Concrete Wall & Path Joint...    
J6058-2017 (subject to change) J6058-2017 (subject to change) J6058 Traffic Calming on Nottingham DR NW / 48 ST NW...    
J6063-2023 (subject to change) J6063-2023 (subject to change) J6063 Center St E and 11 Ave Intersection...    
J6064-2021 (subject to change) SAP 159-119-019 (subject to change) J6064 4 St SE and 19 Ave SE Intersection Improvements    
J6647-2021 (subject to change) J6647-2021 (subject to change) J6647 Storm Sewer Inlet Replacement at Mayo Run and 19...    
J6691-2020 (subject to change) J6691-2020 (subject to change) J6691 Manorwood Outlet Lachencrest Ln NW Channel... Lachencrest Ln NW    
J6707-2019-02 (subject to change) J6707-2019-02 (subject to change) J6707 2019 Storm Sewer Repairs at Various Locations...    
J6707-2020-01 (subject to change) J6707-2020-01 (subject to change) J6707 2020 Storm Sewer Repairs at Various Locations...    
J6707-2020-02 (subject to change) J6707-2020-02 (subject to change) J6707 2020 Storm Sewer Repairs Branch Ln NW from...    
J6707-2020-03 (subject to change) J6707-2020-03 (subject to change) J6707 2020 Storm Sewer Repairs Regent Ln SW from Apple...    
J7313-2020 (subject to change) J7313-2020 (subject to change) J7313 Rehabilitation of Elton Hills Dr NW from Assissi...    
J7335-2019 (subject to change) J7335-2019 (subject to change) J7335 Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation 4 St SE from 11...    
J7337-2021 (subject to change) J7337-2021 (subject to change) J7337 Rehabilitation of Broadway Ave S from 300 ft....    
J7338-2020 (subject to change) J7338-2020 (subject to change) J7338 Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation (CPR) Center St...    
J7837-2021 (subject to change) J7837-2021 (subject to change) J7837 Reconstruct Sanitary Sewer and Watermain on 7...    
J7918-2021 (subject to change) SP 159-133-007 (subject to change) SP 159-133-007 (J7918) Elton Hills Dr Bridge...    
J8611-2020 (subject to change) J8611-2020 (subject to change) J8611 13 Ave Sanitary Sewer from 2 ST SW to 2 ST NW...    

Projects in Completion

Project ID Project No. Description Construction Location Bid Date
100-2019 100-Aggr Aggregate Season Supply 2019   03/19/2019
101-2019 101-Bit Bituminous Season Supply 2019   03/19/2019
102-2019 102-Conc Concrete Season Supply 2019   03/19/2019
103-2019 103-Emul Emulsion Season Supply 2019   03/19/2019