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Projects in Bidding

Project ID Project No. Description Construction Location Bid Date
J7318-2020 SAP 159-201-007 J7318 Reconstruction of Broadway AVE N from Civic...   Bidding Closed

Projects in Construction

Project ID Project No. Description Construction Location Bid Date
100-2020 100-Aggr Aggregate Season Supply 2020   02/25/2020
101-2020 101-Bit Bituminous Season Supply 2020   02/25/2020
102-2020 102-Conc Concrete Season Supply 2020   02/25/2020
103-2020 103-Emul Emulsion Season Supply 2020   02/25/2020
J1031-2018 J1031-2018 J1031 Demolition of Buildings and Restoration (Various...   04/03/2018
J10311-2019 J10311-2019 J10311 Demolition of Buildings and Restoration (1400...   02/26/2019
J114-2018 114-Chip J114 2018 Chip Seal Street Rehabilitation   03/06/2018
J114-2019 114-Chip J114 2019 Chip Seal Street Rehabilitation   03/19/2019
J114-2020 114-Chip J114 2020 Chip Seal Street Rehabilitation   03/17/2020
J115-2018 115-OverLay J115 2018 HMA Overlay Street Rehabilitation   03/06/2018
J115-2019 115-OverLay J115 2019 HMA Overlay Street Rehabilitation   03/19/2019
J115-2020 115-OverLay J115 2020 HMA Overlay Street Rehabilitation   03/17/2020
J2112-2019 J2112-2019 J2112 Rochester Public Transit Bus Garage Expansion...   02/19/2019
J21121-2020 J21121-2020 J21121 Rochester Transit Expansion Phase 6...   02/25/2020
J2578-2018 J2578-2018 J2578 Civic Center and J2583 Third Street Parking Ramp...   08/28/2018
J2578-2018-02 J2578-2018-02 J2578-2018-02 Civic Center Ramp IP Camera Retrofit   10/09/2018
J2580-2019-01 J2580-2019-01 J2580 First Street Parking Ramp Restoration 2019   07/09/2019
J2580-2019-02 J2580-2019-02 J2580 First Street Parking Ramp LED Lighting Retrofit   07/09/2019
J2580-2019-03 J2580-2019-03 J2580 First Street Parking Ramp IP Camera Retrofit   07/09/2019
J2583-2018 J2583-2018 J2583 Third Street LED Lighting Retrofit 2018 and...   10/23/2018
J2594-2019 J2594-2019 J2594 2019 Restoration of the Second Street Parking...   07/09/2019
J2594-2020 J2594-2020 J2594 2020 Restoration of the Second Street Parking...   06/23/2020
J2878-2019 J2878-2019 J2878 Soldiers Field Park Improvements   07/23/2019
J28781-2019 J28781-2019 J28781 Soldiers Field Park Track   10/23/2019
J2905-2019 J2905-2019 J2905 Kutzky Park Tennis Courts   04/16/2019
J2913-2019 J2913-2019 J2913 Rehabilitation of Quarry Hill Nature Center...   06/25/2019
J2959-2020 J2959-2020 J2959 Sanitary Sewer and Watermain Extension to Serve...   03/27/2020
J2981-2017 2981 J2981 Cascade Lake Park Improvements   11/14/2017
J2981-2018 02 J2981-2018 02 J2981 Cascade Lake Park Improvements Amenity...   10/15/2018
J29811-2018 J29811-2018 J29811 Cascade Lake Park 2018 Amenity Improvements   09/05/2018
J3012-2019 J3012-2019 J3012 Silver Lake Park Restroom Improvements   04/25/2019
J3027-2020 J3027-2020 J3027 Drinking Fountain for East Park Development (MLK...   06/09/2020
J3053-2020 J3053-2020 J3053 Gamehaven Park Improvements   07/02/2020
J4334-2015 M15-02 J4334 2015 Sanitary Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation at...   03/08/2016
J4341-2017 J4341-2017 J4341 2017 Sanitary Sewer Lining at Various Locations   04/10/2018
J4342-2017 J4342-2017 J4342 2017 Sanitary Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation at...   04/10/2018
J4344-2019 J4344-2019 J4344 2019 Sanitary Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation at...   08/26/2019
J4345-2019 J4345-2019 J4345 2019 Sanitary Sewer Pipe Lining Rehabilitation...   08/26/2019
J4408-2018 J4408-2018 J4408 Arbor Drive Sanitary Sewer Improvements   05/01/2018
J4651-2014 SP 159-090-018 SP 159-090-018 (J4651) Construct Trail along East...   10/15/2014
J4653-2015 SP 159-090-019 SP 159-090-019 Construct Trail along South Broadway... South Broadway  08/26/2015
J4670-2018 SP 159-010-011 J4670 Construct Multi Use Path along North Frontage...   09/11/2018
J4684-2016 SP 159-090-021 SP 159-090-021 (J4684) Construct Multi Use Path at...   07/26/2016
J4688-2016 J4688-2016 J4688 2016 Sidewalk Replacement and Repair   04/12/2016
J4691-2018 SAP 159-147-002 SAP 159-147-002 Rehabilitation of 48 St NW from 31 Ave...   07/17/2018
J4694-2018 J4694-2018 J4694 Construct Multi Use Path along East Side of West...   07/24/2018
J4699-2017 J4699 J4699 2017 Sidewalk Replacement and Repair North   04/04/2017
J4700-2019 J4700-2019 J4700 Sidewalk on south side of HWY 14 SE from Marion...   06/11/2019
J4703-2018 J4703-2018 J4703 2018 Sidewalk Replacement and Repair   04/10/2018
J4707-2018 J4707-2018 J4707 2018 Pedestrian Ramps in Various Locations   04/10/2018
J4709-2019 J4709-2019 J4709 2019 Sidewalk Replacement and Repair   06/09/2020
J4710-2019 J4710-2019 J4710 2019 Pedestrian Ramps in Various Locations   07/30/2019
J4711-2020 J4711-2020 J4711 2020 Pedestrian Ramps in Various Locations   06/09/2020
J4857-2018 J4857-2018 J4857 Overlay South Zumbro River Trail from TH 52 to...   08/14/2018
J4869-2018 J4869-2018 J4869 Gamehaven Wetland Bank Project   09/24/2018
J4869-2019 J4869-2019 J48691 Gamehaven Wetland Bank Project   03/11/2019
J4895-2018 J4895-2018 J4895-2018 Silver Lake Dredge Phase I   09/10/2018
J6047-2018 SAP 159-201-006 J6047 Traffic Signal Replacement at Broadway Ave N and...   07/24/2018
J6054-2018 J6054-2018 J6054 Revise Signal at Broadway and Center Street   08/28/2018
J6059-2019 J6059-2019 J6059 Construct Signal at W Circle Dr (CSAH 22) and 26...   02/19/2019
J6329-2018 SAP 159-147-003 J6329 Revise Signal at 41 St NW and 31 Ave NW   07/24/2018
J6374-2018 J6374-2018 J6374 2018 Durable Pavement Markings   07/09/2018
J6374-2019 J6374-2019 J6374 2019 Durable Pavement Markings   05/07/2019
J6374-2020 J6374-2020 J6374 2020 Durable Pavement Markings   06/09/2020
J6515-2013 2010-012 J6515 Pond Rehabilitation for Hart Farms Pond #24   05/29/2013
J6577-2015 SWM-6-07 J6577 Baihley Woods Ravine Stabilization Project   09/16/2015
J6606-2013 2010-027 J6606 Teton Court Ponds #18 and #32 Rehabilitation   11/26/2013
J6620-2015 SWM-8-11 J6620 Pond Rehabilitation for Willow Hills 2nd Pond #8   07/15/2015
J6630-2015 6630 J6630 Reconstruct Outfall to Zumbro River from East...   06/28/2016
J6660-2017 J6660,73,84,89 J6660,73,84,89 Storm Sewer Replacement 2017   02/28/2017
J6662-2020 J6662-2020 J6662 Stabilization of Pond 4 Baihly Woodlands 8th   06/23/2020
J6666-2018 J6666-2018 J6666 319 Grant for Zumbro River Ultra Urban BMPs   04/10/2018
J6679-2016 SWM-13-15 J6679 Storm Sewer Improvements along South Broadway at...   06/28/2016
J6688-2016 M2-16-1A-16 J6688 Storm Sewer Modifications in Hundred Acre Woods...   03/22/2016
J6695-2019 J6695-2019 J6695 Storm Sewer Pipe Extension for Century Hills 8th... J6695 Storm Sewer Pipe Extension...  06/25/2019
J6701-2020 J6701-2020 J6701 Stabilization of Pond 31 Baihly Woodlands 8th   06/23/2020
J6703-2019 J6703-2019 J6703 Storm Sewer Replacement at Manor Woods Ln NW   07/16/2019
J6706-2020 J6706-2020 J6706 Hillcrest Folwell Drainage Improvements   08/11/2020
J6707-2019 J6707-2019 J6707 2019 Storm Sewer Repairs at Various Locations...   06/11/2019
J6708-2020 J6708-2020 J6708 Storm and Sanitary Sewer Improvements 1100 Block...   07/14/2020
J6716-2019 J6716-2019 J6716 Stream Channel Repairs at Various Locations   12/30/2019
J6868-2020 J6868-2020 J6868 Rochester International Airport Runway 2/20...   05/22/2020
J7212-2013 SP 550-117-001 J7212 Construct 65th Street NW Interchange including...   04/30/2013
J7261-2016 M7-33 J7261 Rehabilitation of Riverview Heights Drive NE...   07/12/2016
J7275-2012 6318-4-11 J7275 Reconstruct 18th Ave NW from 35th St NW to 33rd...   08/29/2012
J7275-2014 6318-4-11 J7275 18th Ave NW Storm Sewer Improvements Phase 2   07/16/2014
J7295-2016 SAP 159-119-017 SAP 159-119-017 (J7295) Concrete Pavement...   11/15/2016
J7299-2015 9110-3-14 J7299 Rehabilitation of Ponderosa Dr SW from 18th Ave...   07/29/2015
J7303-2016 SAP 159-107-017 SAP 159-107-017 (J7303) Concrete Pavement...   09/13/2016
J7306-2016 SAP 159-125-005 SAP 159-125-005 (J7306) Concrete Pavement...   10/25/2016
J7307-2016 6303-2-15 J7307 Construct South Broadway / 3rd Ave SE...   07/12/2016
J7308-2016 SAP 159-126-016 SAP 159-126-016 (J7308) Rehabilitation of 41st St NW...   08/09/2016
J7309-2017 J7309 J7309 Rehabilitation of 25 St SE from South Broadway...   08/01/2017
J7314-2017 J7314-2017 J7314 Reconstruction of 3 ST SW from 18 AVE SW to HWY...   05/23/2017
J7316-2018 SAP 159-125-006 SAP 159-125-006 J7316 Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation...   04/03/2018
J7317-2019 J7317-2019 J7317 Reconstruction of 9 AVE SW from 7 ST SW to 6 ST...   08/13/2019
J7319-2019 SAP 159-105-014 J7319 6 and 7 Ave Area Utility Improvements   04/30/2019
J7321-2017 SAP 159-113-018 SAP 159-113-018 (J7321) Rehabilitation of Assisi DR NW...   06/06/2017
J7322-2017 SAP 159-130-008 SAP 159-130-008 (J7322) Rehabilitation of E Frontage...   06/06/2017
J7323-2017 J7323-2017 J7323 Rehabilitation of Harbor DR SE from Rose DR SE...   08/01/2017
J7326-2018 SAP 159-119-018 SAP 159-119-018 Reconstruction of 4 St SW from 1 Ave... Reconstruction of 4 St SW from 1...  05/22/2018
J73261-2019 J73261-2019 J73261 Storm Sewer Improvements along 5 Ave SW from 4...   09/24/2019
J7327-2018 SAP 159-102-007 SAP 159-102-007 Rehabilitation of 14 St NE from...   06/05/2018
J7328-2018 SAP 159-122-009 SAP 159-122-009 Rehabilitation of 19 St NW from Scott...   06/07/2018
J7329-2018 SAP 159-115-006 SAP 159-115-006 Rehabilitation of 6 St SW from East...   06/12/2018
J7330-2018 SAP 159-112-010 Rehabilitation of 16 AVE SW and 16 AVE NW from 2 ST SW...   07/24/2018
J7334-2019 SAP 159-210-001 J7334 Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation 16 St SW from...   06/11/2019
J7339-2020 J7339-2020 J7339 Rehabilitation of Northern Hills Dr NE from...   03/17/2020
J7340-2020 J7340-2020 J7340 Rehabilitation of Towne Club Pkwy SE from Hwy 14...   03/17/2020
J7727-2013 SAP 159-126-015 SAP 159-126-015 (J7727) Badger Hills Drive NW from...   06/26/2013
J7787-2015 J7787-2015 J7787 10th St SE Sanitary Sewer Relief Line Project   06/09/2015
J7805-2014 M13-43 J7805 Public Improvements to Serve Fire Station #2   05/28/2014
J7808-2015 M-35 J7808 Sewer Extension from Insitute Hills to...   08/12/2015
J7810-2014 M14-09 J7810 2014 Sanitary Sewer & Watermain to Serve Oakledge   08/27/2014
J7813-2017 SP 159-080-017 SP 159-080-017 Reconstruct 18 Ave NW (CR 112) from 37... Reconstruct 18 Ave NW (CR 112)...  08/08/2017
J7814-2017 M14-30 J7814 Construct Wheelock Dr NE from Fire Station So...   02/14/2017
J7816-2018 J7816-2018 J7816 Emerald Hills Trunk Sanitary Sewer   05/01/2018
J78161-2020 J78161-2020 J78161 Emerald Hills Drainage Improvements   07/28/2020
J7817-2017 J7817-2017 J7817 Traffic Signal along Viola Road (CSAH 2) at...   07/25/2017
J7818-2016 J7818-2016 J7818 2016 Sanitary Sewer Repairs Various Locations   05/26/2016
J7821-2015 M014-M15-34 J7821 Sanitary Capacity Improvements to the Homestead...   09/30/2015
J78251 J78251 J78251 Phase 1 San Sewer Relief Line included in the...   03/23/2017
J78252-2019 J78252-2019 J78252 Phase 2 San Sewer Relief Line Govt Center...   02/21/2019
J7830-2020 J7830-2020 J7830 1 ST NW Sanitary Sewer Diversion from 1 AVE NW...   05/05/2020
J7836-2020 J7836-2020 J7836 2020 Large Diameter Trunkline Inspection - Phase...   06/30/2020
J7908-2017 J7908-2017 J7908 Civic Center Dr NW Bridge Piling Evaluation...   08/29/2017
J7913-2019 SAP 159-104-016 J7913 7 St NE (89188) Bridge Rehabilitation   03/21/2019
J7916-2019 SAP 159-080-018 J7916 Replace 15 AVE NW Bridge between 33 ST NW and 34...   04/23/2019
J8611-2018-02 J8611-2018-02 J8611 Cascade Creek Slope Stabilization and...   11/13/2018
J8624-2018 J8624-2018 J8624 Rochester Chateau Theatre Interim Use   08/08/2018
J8624-2018-02 J8624-2018-02 J8624 02 Rochester Chateau Theatre Interim Use   10/31/2018
J8903-2020 3 SAP 159-108-007 SAP 159-108-007 (J8903) Bike Lane Project 3 Ave SW...   02/25/2020
J8903-2020 4 SAP 159-107-018 SAP 159-107-018 (J8903) Bike Lane Project 4 Ave SW...   02/25/2020
J8903-2020 C SAP 159-105-015 SAP 159-105-015 (J8903) Bike Lane Project Center... Bike Lane Project Center Street...  02/25/2020
J9644-2015 SP 159-158-002 SP 159-158-002 and 159-158-003 (J9644) Reconstruct...   04/21/2016

Construction Status

J6707-2019 Roadwork: J6707 2019 Storm Sewer Repairs at Various Locations Phase 1 Estimated End Date: 07/26/2019
All construction work and punch-list items are completed as of 8/1/2019.
J7334-2019 Roadwork: J7334 Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation 16 St SW from Salem Rd SW (CSAH 22) to Broadway Ave S Estimated End Date: 10/15/2019
All work and punch list items completed as of 10/24/19.
J7916-2019 Roadwork: J7916 Replace 15 AVE NW Bridge between 33 ST NW and 34 ST NW Estimated End Date: 08/31/2019
Work is suspended as of 12/5/19 for the winter months. Contractor to complete re-grading and articulated block mat installation when weather allows in the Spring of 2020.

Planning Projects

These projects are not yet open for bid and are subject to change
Project ID Project No. Description Construction Location Anticipated Bid Date
100-2021 (subject to change) 100-2021 (subject to change) Aggregate Season Supply 2021    
101-2021 (subject to change) 101-2021 (subject to change) Bituminous Season Supply 2021    
102-2021 (subject to change) 102-2021 (subject to change) Concrete Season Supply 2021    
103-2021 (subject to change) 103-2021 (subject to change) Emulsion Season Supply 2021    
J114-2021 (subject to change) J114-2021 (subject to change) J114 2021 Chip Seal Street Rehabilitation    
J115-2021 (subject to change) J115-2021 (subject to change) J115 2021 Overlay Street Rehabilitation    
J2582-2020 (subject to change) J2582-2020 (subject to change) J2582 2020 Restoration of Rochester Parking Ramp 6    
J4678-2019 (subject to change) SP 159-090-020 (subject to change) J4678 Multi Use Path from Towne Club Parkway SE to 19...    
J4692-2022 (subject to change) SP 159-090-023 (subject to change) SP 159-090-023 (J4692) Construct Multi Use Path along...    
J4706-2019 (subject to change) J4706-2019 (subject to change) J4706 Construct Sidewalk along 35 St SE and Woodlake...    
J4713-2021 (subject to change) J4713-2021 (subject to change) J4713 2021 Sidewalk Replacement and Repair    
J4882-2019 (subject to change) J4882-2019 (subject to change) J4882 2019 Flood Control Concrete Wall & Path Joint...    
J6058-2017 (subject to change) J6058-2017 (subject to change) J6058 Traffic Calming on Nottingham DR NW / 48 ST NW...    
J6063-2023 (subject to change) J6063-2023 (subject to change) J6063 Center St E and 11 Ave Intersection...    
J6064-2021 (subject to change) SAP 159-119-019 (subject to change) J6064 4 St SE and 19 Ave SE Intersection Improvements    
J6647-2021 (subject to change) J6647-2021 (subject to change) J6647 Storm Sewer Inlet Replacement at Mayo Run and 19...    
J6691-2020 (subject to change) J6691-2020 (subject to change) J6691 Manorwood Outlet Lachencrest Ln NW Channel... Lachencrest Ln NW    
J6707-2019-02 (subject to change) J6707-2019-02 (subject to change) J6707 2019 Storm Sewer Repairs at Various Locations...    
J6707-2020-01 (subject to change) J6707-2020-01 (subject to change) J6707 2020 Storm Sewer Repairs at Various Locations...    
J6707-2020-02 (subject to change) J6707-2020-02 (subject to change) J6707 2020 Storm Sewer Repairs Branch Ln NW from...    
J6707-2020-03 (subject to change) J6707-2020-03 (subject to change) J6707 2020 Storm Sewer Repairs Regent Ln SW from Apple...    
J7313-2020 (subject to change) J7313-2020 (subject to change) J7313 Rehabilitation of Elton Hills Dr NW from Assissi...    
J7335-2019 (subject to change) J7335-2019 (subject to change) J7335 Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation 4 St SE from 11...    
J7337-2021 (subject to change) J7337-2021 (subject to change) J7337 Rehabilitation of Broadway Ave S from 300 ft....    
J7338-2020 (subject to change) J7338-2020 (subject to change) J7338 Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation (CPR) Center St...    
J7342-2021 (subject to change) J7342-2021 (subject to change) J7342 Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation (CPR) Northern...    
J7837-2021 (subject to change) J7837-2021 (subject to change) J7837 Reconstruct Sanitary Sewer and Watermain on 7...    
J7842-2021 (subject to change) J7842-2021 (subject to change) J7842 Water Main and Storm Sewer Reconstruction 11 AVE...    
J7918-2021 (subject to change) SP 159-133-007 (subject to change) SP 159-133-007 (J7918) Elton Hills Dr Bridge...    
J8611-2020 (subject to change) J8611-2020 (subject to change) J8611 13 Ave Sanitary Sewer from 2 ST SW to 2 ST NW...