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Bid Abstract

J7329-2018 - SAP 159-115-006 Rehabilitation of 6 St SW from East Frontage HWY 52 Rd to 4 Ave SWRochester Sand & Gravel, a division of Mathy Construction 
Item No.ItemUnitsQuantityUnit PriceTotal Price
2104.503SAWING BITUMINOUS PAVEMENTL F426$10.00$4,260.00
2232.504MILL BITUMINOUS SURFACE (2.0") (P)S Y17,584$2.20$38,684.80
2360.509TYPE SP 9.5 WEARING COURSE MIX (3;B)TON1,491$69.25$103,251.75
2360.509TYPE SP 12.5 WEARING COURSE MIX (3;B)TON1,987$66.25$131,638.75
2504.602ADJUST GATE VALVE & BOXEACH29$550.00$15,950.00
2506.502CASTING ASSEMBLYEACH16$1,685.00$26,960.00
2506.602CASTING ASSEMBLY SPECIALEACH23$1,895.00$43,585.00
2563.601TRAFFIC CONTROLLS1$17,470.00$17,470.00
2564.518SIGN PANELS TYPE CS F151$65.00$9,815.00
2582.5034" SOLID LINE PAINTL F6,178$0.24$1,482.72
2582.50312" SOLID LINE PAINTL F370$4.50$1,665.00
2582.5034" DBLE SOLID LINE PAINTL F4,286$0.51$2,185.86
2582.518PAVT MSSG PAINTS F145$4.50$652.50
2582.518CROSSWALK PAINTS F315$4.50$1,417.50
 Totals for project J7329-2018 $420,478.88
Contract Total:$420,478.88