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Projects in Bidding

Project ID Project No. Description Construction Location Bid Date
J4675-2014 M13-12 J4675-2014 Sidewalk Replacement & Repair   Bidding Closed
J7805-2014 M13-43 J7805 Public Improvements to Serve Fire Station #2   05/14/2014

Projects in Construction

Project ID Project No. Description Construction Location Bid Date
100-2014 2014-Aggr Aggregate Season Supply 2014   04/02/2014
101-2014 2013-Bit Bituminous Season Supply 2014   04/02/2014
102-2014 2014-Conc Concrete Season Supply 2014   04/02/2014
103-2014 2014-Emul Emulsion Season Supply 2014   04/02/2014
114-2014 2014-chip J114 2014 Chip Seal Street Rehabilitation   04/02/2014
115-2014 2014-OverLay J115 2014 HMA Overlay Street Rehabilitation   04/02/2014
116-2014 2014-Fog J116 2014 Fog-Chip Seal Street Rehabilitation   04/02/2014
J2208-2010 SP 159-080-014 J2208 Construct 20th St SE from CSAH 1 (11th Ave SE)... 20th Street SE  07/21/2010
J4321-2013 M13-13 J4321 2013 Sanitary Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation at...   08/14/2013
J4322-2013 M13-14 J4322 2013 Sanitary Sewer Trunkline Rehabilitation –...   10/22/2013
J4637-2012 SP 159-090-017 J4637 Rochester Trail Bridge at CSAH 4 NW  08/01/2012
J4671-2012 M12-04 J4671 Reconstruct Sidewalk on 1st Ave SW from 3 St SW...   07/31/2013
J6021-2013 J6021-2013 J6021 Traffic Signal at Broadway and 3rd Street S   07/10/2013
J6515-2013 2010-012 J6515 Pond Rehabilitation for Hart Farms Pond #24   05/29/2013
J6536-2009 J6536 M5-38 J6536 Public Improvements to Expand Regional Storm... 30th Ave SE  09/02/2009
J6542-2011 2010-011 J6542 Construct Storm Water Pond #112 Rehabilitation...   04/27/2011
J6543-2013 SWM-8-05 J6543 Baihly Woodlands Subdivision Pond Rehabilitation   05/01/2013
J6588-2012 SWM-3-08 J6588 Elton Hills Ravine Reach A Stabilization   09/12/2012
J6605-2012 2010-025 J6605 Willow Creek Stabilization from 11th Ave SW to...   09/26/2012
J6606-2013 2010-027 J6606 Teton Court Ponds #18 and #32 Rehabilitation   11/26/2013
J6621-2013 SWM-9-11 J6621 Pond Rehabilitation for Bamber Ridge 1st Pond #35   05/29/2013
J7212-2013 SP 550-117-001 J7212 Construct 65th Street NW Interchange including...   04/30/2013
J7215-2014 6201-3-02 J7215 Reconstruct 1st St SW from 6th Ave SW to 11th...   01/29/2014
J7247-2009 SP 159-106-017 J7247 2nd St SW from 1st Ave SW to 6th Ave SW 2nd Street SW  09/29/2009
J7257-2011 SP 159-166-001 J7257 Reconstruct Pinewood Rd from 11th Ave SE (CSAH...   09/14/2011
J7265-2012 SP 159-106-018 J7265 Reconstruct 2nd St SW from 6th Ave SW to 11th...   05/24/2012
J7266-2014 SP 159-132-006 Hwy 52 Interchange Reconstruction at 55th Street NW   12/18/2013
J7267-2013 SP 159-123-007 J7267 Reconstruct 16th St SE from Broadway to 3rd Ave...   09/25/2013
J7272-2013 SP 159-020-018 J7272 Reconstruct 2nd Street S.W. from 18th Avenue to...   06/12/2013
J7274-2013 SAP 159-111-007 J7274 Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation on Broadway...   06/26/2013
J7275-2012 6318-4-11 J7275 Reconstruct 18th Ave NW from 35th St NW to 33rd...   08/29/2012
J7280-2013 SAP 159-154-004 J7280 Bituminous Reclamation and Overlay11th Ave SW...   07/10/2013
J7281-2013 SAP 159-106-022 J7281 Mill & Overlay 2nd St SE from Broadway to CCD   07/10/2013
J7282-2013 SAP 159-106-021 J7282 Mill & Overlay 2nd St SW from 16th Ave SW to...   07/10/2013
J7727-2013 SAP 159-126-015 J7727 Badger Hills Drive NW from 50th Ave NW to West...   06/26/2013
J7777-2012 M8-17 J7777 Sanitary Sewer and Watermain to Serve Lenwood... LENWOOD HEIGHTS   06/26/2012
J7911-2012 SAP 159-080-016 J7911 Replace 10th Ave SE Bridge (BR#L6362) between...   09/26/2012
J9563-2013 SAP 159-130-004 J9563 Reconstruct TH52 East Frontage Rd from 41st St...   06/20/2013

Construction Status

Planning Projects

These projects are not yet open for bid and are subject to change
Project ID Project No. Description Construction Location Anticipated Bid Date
J4651-2014 (subject to change) SP 159-090-018 (subject to change) J4651 Construct Trail along East Circle Dr NE from...    
J7287-2014 (subject to change) SAP 159-019-000 (subject to change) J7287 Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation 3rd Ave SE from...    
J7288-2014 (subject to change) SAP 159-017-000 (subject to change) J7288 Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation 4th Ave NW from...    
J7289-2014 (subject to change) SAP 159-011-000 (subject to change) J7289 Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation 11th Ave NE...